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Land Clearing
Stump Grinding
Driveway Expansion
Wild Fire Prevention
Right of Way/Utility Easement Clearing
Septic Tank Installation & Replacement
Beetle Kill Tree Removal
Site Preparation
Water/Sewer Lines

Alaska's #1 Choice for Foundation Waterproofing

We are your Foundation Waterproofing Experts! Not all repairs are the same. Our Comprehensive 10-Step Foundation Waterproofing Plan is the difference between repeated leaking versus a permanent correction. It’s YOUR home’s foundation-insist on the best, not just a quick fix!

Step 2

Our Company

We are a family-based business who believes in the American Dream and on honest days work. We love God, our great country, and proudly support our military in every way that we can.

When not serving clients, you’ll find us fellowshipping with our church family at ACF; hunting our secret spots; fighting a fish on the Kenai or out of Resurrection Bay; boggin’ it on our wheelers; carving in the deep powder; or warming our hands around a big bon fire with our neighbors.

Ben Eaton, the founder and owner of Precision General Contractors (PGC), has spent the last twenty years in the Alaskan mining community where he has developed a unique skill set to tackle even the most challenging projects and deadlines. Ben spent his first twenty years as a licensed journeyman plumber and welder. He has received his Mechanical Administrator’s License as well. 

PGC prides ourself on providing excellent quality work done right, the first time, every time. Our team has over 40 years of experience under their belt, with each member having been in the industry for at least 5-10 years. Not only do we have all your typical construction needs covered from house excavation to tree removal, but we also specialize in home restoration and remodel as well as foundation water-proofing and septic systems installations & replacements. There is no job too big or too small. 

We look forward to earning your trust and serving you for decades!

Our Family

The Eaton Family consists of Ben & Barbara, Samson, Libby & Ezekiel, Braxton & Mycah, and Baylee. We love Alaska and every adventure it holds for those daring enough to explore and have fun. We embody the “work hard/play hard” motto.

We prioritize your safety! Find wildfire prevention resources here.

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